Luminette 3 Review

Jun 7, 2022

The Most Comfortable Anti-Blue Light Glasses on the Market

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Luminette v3 on floorLuminette 3 is the first device that helped me a lot when I first attempted to set a routine to wake up early pre-sunrise daily.

You can wear it with your eyeglass. It is very portable to bring when you travel. It is comfortable to wear and lightweight, making it a convenient bright light therapy at home.
Luminette glass case boxLuminette glasses are certified to be safe for eyes, so you don't have to worry about it damaging your eyes when you wear it daily. The device can be charged via micro-USB, and a full charge lasts for about a week. It comes with 3 settings of intensity with auto-off timer:
▲ low (500 lux) for 45 mins
▲ medium (1000 lux) for 30 mins
▲ high (1500 lux) for 20 mins
Luminette 3 switched on with the highest intensityI always ran it at a high level of intensity for 20 minutes right after waking up.

Luminette light therapy glasses definitely work. It helps you to speed up your wake-up time adjustment, and at the same time give you a boost of mood and energy as what you could get from sunlight to combat depression.

Luminette 3 is more user friendly than its predecessor. It is easier to switch on and much lighter than Luminette 2.

Even though I can wake up regularly at my desired time every morning, I continue to use Luminette because of its mood boosting effect.
Highly portable
Mood improvement
The Bottom Line
The Luminette 3 is a light therapy device that is worn like a pair of glasses. It is lightweight and portable, making it convenient to use at home or while traveling.
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