Cool Fat Burner Review

Jun 7, 2022

Freeze Fat at Home

Ice Packs Slotted into Cool Fat Burner

Cold thermogenesis

Cold thermogenesis is your body's reaction to cold exposure by shivering, increasing your metabolism, and blood sugar response in order to maintain its core temperature. It is one way to accelerate your fat loss process because of its ability to activate your Brown Adipose Tissue, which reduces your body fat level. CoolFatBurner vest is, by far, the most practical way to activate the Brown Fat if you don't have access to a cold water pool or live in a cool place. You may view countless studies of its effectiveness on its website. At high intensity, it could burn calories at a speed of 300%.

There are two types of vests that you can choose from, Cool Fat Burner or Cool Gut Buster. Cool Fat Burner is to be worn on your chest, while Cool Gut Buster is to be worn on your stomach. Wearing both of them together increases the intensity. The ice pack comes with two types: hybrid ice pack and soft ice pack.
▲ Hybrid ice pack last longer (~3 hours), but soften slower (~30 mins)
▲ Soft ice pack last shorter (~2 hours), but soften faster (~5 mins)
Cool Fat Burner with Soft and Hybrid Ice PacksIt is recommended to get a combination of both to fit different parts of your body shape. For example, you may use soft ice packs on your back area in order for the cloth to rest on your back, while hybrid ice packs on your chest area. This way, you can wait until the hybrid ice pack softens before you fasten the Cool Fat Burner.

How to use

Eric, the founder of CoolFatBurner, recommended wearing it on top of a layer of the shirt to prevent yourself from getting cryogenic burn (skin tissue damage through ice crystal). You shall always start wearing just one, and only increase the intensity as your skins adapt to it. Ways to increase the intensity:
▲ Swallow cool water
Wear both Cool Fat Burner and Cool Gut Buster
Stay in cool (or an air-conditioned) room​

When to wear

scle while maintaining small fat gain, avoid wearing this on your workout day as it burns a lot of your calorie and muscle glycogens, which will blunt your muscle growth. Without hindering any muscle growth at all, you can wear this when you have a long rest period. For example:
Day 1 - Workout day - don't wear it
Day 2 - Workout day - don't wear it
Day 3 - Rest - don't wear it
Day 4 - Workout day - don't wear it
Day 5 - Workout day - don't wear it
Day 6 - Rest - don't wear it
▲ Day 7 - Wear it at the highest intensity you can

Freeze fat at home with this handy coolsculpting tool.
Effective Brown Adipose Tissue activation
Setting it up can take some time
The Bottom Line
The Cool Fat Burner vest is a vest that you can wear to accelerate your fat loss process. It activates your Brown Adipose Tissue, which reduces your body fat level.
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