NeoRhythm Review

Jun 7, 2022

Change Your Mood On-Command

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NeoRhythm Headband

Brain entrainment

Brain entrainment is a way of training your brain to get into the specific state (focused, deep meditative, relaxed, or energized states). It can be achieved through an electromagnetic field, binaural beat, or light. It leads your brain to experience how those states feel like almost immediately.

I mentioned neuroplasticity in my book, Peak Brain Plasticity, and brain entrainment is one of the ways to improve it. If you always feel nervous, anxious, or stressed, your brain morphs, and these slowly become your default state of mind. Brain entrainment can help reverse this change and bring your brain back into a more positive state. Long-term benefits of brain entrainment include neuroplasticity improvement, which increases your brain functions. Your neuron can be fired more quickly, leading to an enhanced level of performance.

These are five well-known brainwaves that we could experience:
▲ Gamma brainwave (>30 Hz) = high consciousness state, feeling of blessing, heightened focus, heightened processing speed
▲ Beta brainwave (14-30 Hz) = awake, and alert state
▲ Alpha brainwave (9-13 Hz) = relaxed, quiet mind
▲ Theta brainwave (4-8 Hz) = REM sleep, or deep meditation state
▲ Delta brainwave (<4 Hz) = deep sleep with no consciousness.

Imagine how productive you can be if you can program your brain to your preferred state at your desired time. For example, you want your mind to go into Alpha brainwave to solicit creative thinking when you are brainstorming for an idea, or you want more Theta brainwave at your bedtime since you have a bad day and can’t stop thinking about it at night.

Enter NeoRhythm

NeoRhythm uses PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) technology to bring your brain into your desired brainwave state. PEMF technology has been around for a long time, but it is expensive. Fortunately, NeoRhythm is a cheaper option for consumers.

It emits the electromagnetic field at the distance of 8 cm from the device and entering 2 cm to 3 cm depth into your brain.

NeoRhythm uses gestures to control. It can be activated and deactivated by tapping on the device.


NeoRhythm has seven programs to use:
▲ Enhance Mental Capacity: enable the brain to think clearly, and increases focus
▲ Energy and Vitality: coax the mind into a state of higher perception and direct re-energization of cells
Deep Relaxation: allow the mind to reach the state of calmness
Improve Sleep: slow the brain down to ease into sleeping mode
Pain control: increase pain tolerance
Meditation Theta: enable deep meditation
Meditation Calming and Synchronization: enable quiet focus and being in the present
NeoRhythm ModesEach program of NeoRhythm uses a combination of primary wave and secondary wave. Its sleep mode emits Theta brainwave (Primary) and Delta brainwave (Secondary)—to lull you into sleep and stimulate you into a deep sleep.


NeoRhythm's battery is rechargeable with a micro-USB. Its battery life is impressive. After using an extended 8-hour sleep mode, there is still enough charge to be used on the next day. This means you will be able to use the "Energy and Vitality" mode when you wake up.

Each program requires that you wear the headband into its own designated position to achieve the desired effect.


The device can be cleaned with a wet cloth, and it must be noted that it should not be exposed with too much water, or the device can be damaged. Please refrain from using it when your hair is still wet.

Is it safe?

Is this device safe to use? We are talking about tinkering with the wave in our brain; obviously, we want it to be completely safe before investing in such a device. PEMF has been thoroughly studied to be safe therapy, and it is FDA-approved. In the past, people may consume LSD to experience the deep meditative state; and now brain entrainment makes it possible.
Long battery life
Multitude of preset modes
There is no way to change the mode directly from the device, so you always have to go back to the app.
The Bottom Line
NeoRhythm is a device that uses PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) technology to bring your brain into your desired brainwave state. It is a cheaper option for consumers than similar devices on the market.
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