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Develop Your Hidden Talent for a Fulfilling Life's Work

Discover your gift to attain your highest potential and do the work you were born to do.

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What the book is about

Live a life you are proud of, one in which you're actualizing your true potential and making a difference in the world.

Do you drag yourself to work every morning to a job you hate? Do you feel like you're just going through the motions with no real purpose in life? Do you have a special talent to offer to the world, but don't even know what it is?

Start your journey to self-discovery and growth in this inspiring book to learn:

  • Science-backed methods that world-class performers use to accelerate skills acquisitions that you can implement now
  • The brutal truth why some very smart people failed while some mediocre ones succeeded
  • 5 shockingly fast and effortless ways to ignite your creativity and generate more innovative ideas
  • How to exploit your gifts to discover lucrative opportunities bestowed upon you, you didn't know were there all along
  • 3 unexpected common sense choices that often waste your time and lead you farther away from attaining a lifetime fulfilment
  • Proven essential strategies to cultivate a talent hotbed which you can employ at home to raise successful children

Prove the naysayers wrong, who think you can't pursue your dream because you are just not talented enough. Peak Life's Work will show you how to find your niche in the world sooner, so that you can experience the joy of waking up each day to the work you were born to do.

The Outlines

What's inside each chapter


The Gift

Learn what makes you different, what common factors can prevent you from developing your gifts, and what pitfalls can be found in commercial talent assessment tools.

Character Strengths

24 strengths that each individual has that will help him be successful; the stages at which they develop and the factors that influence their development.


Rapid skill acquisition required to compete in the world-class sports leagues, why IQ scores can be a big barrier to personal development, and how to develop your creative muscles.


What interests you and what kills your interests. How to transform those interests into a meaningful life's work.


Identifying talents, how non-geniuses use their talents, why extraordinary skills are mistaken for talents, and the double-edged sword of realizing one's talent

Synergize the Gift

Combine the components of your gift to maximize its impact on inspiration, motivation, and perseverance. How to manufacture more aha moments. Why meditations could kill creativity

The Life's Work

What it takes to do the work you were born to do, how solitude speeds up creative work, why the need to embracing rejection, and the revelation to pursue your life's work


Companion workbook

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Peak Life's Work companion workbook

Make Your Mark in Life With Your Best Abilities

Lead your life to where you were born to go without trying to be someone you are not.

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