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Develop Your Hidden Talent for a Fulfilling Life's Work

Discover your gift to attain your highest potential and do the work you were born to do.

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What the book is about

Access your latent power to actualize your true potential and make a difference in the world.

Do you drag yourself to work every morning to a job you hate? Do you feel like you're just going through the motions with no real purpose in life? Do you have a special talent to offer to the world, but don't even know what it is?

Start your journey to self-discovery and growth in this inspiring book to learn:

  • Science-backed methods that world-class performers use to accelerate skills acquisitions that you can implement now
  • The brutal truth why some very smart people failed while some mediocre ones succeeded
  • 5 surprisingly easy steps to spark your creativity and maximize your innovative thinking
  • How to reveal your natural talent to spot unforeseen opportunities in areas you never knew existed
  • 3 unexpected common sense choices that often lead you farther away from attaining a lifetime fulfilment
  • Proven essential strategies to cultivate a talent hotbed which you can employ at home to raise successful children

Peak Life's Work guides you to discover your true path and awaken to your life’s greatest work with joy.

The Outlines

What's inside each chapter


The Gift

Uncovering your unique strengths.

Character Strengths

Exploring the development of twenty-four strengths in individuals.


Develop cognitive and creative skills for peak performance.


Turning interests into a meaningful career.


The benefits and hazards of realizing unique abilities.

Synergize the Gift

Manufacture more aha moments. Harness the power of gifts for maximum inspiration.

The Life's Work

Rejection, solitude, and the birth of your life’s work.
The world needs our temporary existence to furnish it with creations assembled through the gifts bestowed to all of us.
We tend to dismiss creative ideas as oddballs—or even outright ridiculous—as they come to our minds because we never expect them to solve the problem we have.
Human babies get good at walking not by their age or brain development but by the number of times they repeatedly spend firing the same circuit to walk.
When your mind wanders, it lets you communicate with your inner monologues and keeps your creative juice flowing.


Companion workbook

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Peak Life's Work companion workbook

Make Your Mark in Life With Your Best Abilities

Lead your life to where you were born to go without trying to be someone you are not.

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