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Accelerate results with maximum efficiency

Are you struggling to accomplish your goals? Are your days filled with distractions and procrastination?

Peak Productivity series explores the latest research and insights on psychology, neuroscience, and evidence-based practices to help individuals achieve maximum well-being and productivity

In each of these concise books, you’ll learn different aspects of productivity and how to optimize them in your life.

  • Peak Human Clock helps you reset your biological clocks to maximize every hour of your day
  • Peak Self-Control employs willpower science to help you take back control of your life now and transform ordinary into extraordinary
  • Peak Brain Plasticity unlocks your limitless brain power to accelerate self-learning
  • Peak Mindset harnesses your subconscious mind to make your wildest dream a reality
  • Peak Life’s Work guides you to discover your true path and awaken to your life’s greatest work with joy

This collection has something for everyone—from entrepreneurs and CEOs, to students and professionals looking to maximize their productivity levels.

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Editorial Reviews

What literary critics said

Editorial Reviews

What literary critics said

This is the kind of book that can change people's lives.
Benjamin Franklin Awards2021
The author hits upon a nearly universal challenge we all face as we age, namely how to ensure that our brains function at as high a level as possible.
BookLife Prize(Critics Rating 9/10)2022
Peak Mindset has helped me more than I can put into words.
Reader's Favorite2021
A must-read for anybody lacking the willpower to do or be what they want.
The Wishing Shelf Book Awards2022