The tools

Solve time-consuming problems

The tools

Solving time-consuming problems

To remain productive, to save my time, and to scale my operations, I wrote +100 scripts that run daily to handle all sorts of stuffs. They include reconciling my certain financial statement or auto-uploading my books to online stores whenever I make any revision.

I am in the process of enhancing them into full-blown SaaS to make them accessible. Here are some of the firsts.

The Tools

Amplify your progress

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Know your books' rating changes before your readers doBookSentry monitors your books' rating changes everyday on all major online book platforms: Amazon (all marketplaces), Kobo, Apple, Google, etc. The system sends you alerts whenever there are changes so you can quickly work on critics that require fixes to make your books the best they can be.
Founded - 11 Nov 2022
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Streamline your CRM using powerful Marketing automation platform
Cut down the time-consuming process of managing small- to enterprise-sized marketing campaigns with advanced analysis modelling technology and smart segmentation to turn your marketing automation on steroid. Complement with extensive REST APIs to integrate your data-driven process seamlessly with external systems. Set up complex workflows to gain insights on millions of contacts quickly and efficiently.
Work in progress - 2023