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The Best Time Tracking App at Work


Very accurate in-built categorizations
Detailed analysis reporting
Smart break detection
Overwork notification


It is not the core functionality of the app, but I wish there is an integration with automation tools to further enhance the productivity

This is an unsolicited review. I was not gifted this product in exchange for this review. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this article are my own.

My Time Tracker

Many people are unaware of the importance of tracking time and how it can help them be more productive. Time tracking is a great way to monitor your performance and stay on track with your goals and focus on the things that matter most. Time tracking can also be a way to find areas in which you can cut back or optimize your workflow.

Tracking time is an essential part of managing your time and productivity. You can use it to keep track of the hours you have worked and the minutes you have spent on various tasks. Time tracking can provide both individual and organizational insights into how you use your time, what tasks take up the most time, where improvements can be made, and how activities could be combined to save more time overall. It is also useful for determining whether you are spending enough time working on specific goals.

All Rise to Welcome the Best Time Tracker App, Rize

There are many different time tracker software available on the market, so it’s difficult to decide which one is the best for you. Each program works differently, so trackings may vary. I have used many time tracking apps in the past: RescueTime, Time Doctor, you name it—however Rize is my first choice.

The app is sleek, simple, and minimalistic. It has the most accurate tasks detection that I’ve ever seen in time tracking software. The app is very user friendly and easy to use. I admit I skipped the user guide and jumped right into using the software. The interface is well designed and simple to understand. The app tracks the time spent on each task and displays it in a graph form so you can see where your time goes.

How to Use Rize?

Let Rize program auto-run when you start your PC (Windows or Mac). Work on your tasks on the computer as you normally would. An hour or two later, go back to Rize to categorize all the recorded sessions into the relevant categories that are unique to your work. This will ensure accurate tracking of all your tasks.

As you use it for the first time, take your time to do the categorization correctly. This will enhance the accuracy of the tracking in a long run. Any uncategorized sessions are recorded as “Uncategorized.” You will need to go back to set up the categorization perhaps for the first week as you want to separate the variety of tasks you are doing on your computer.

Thereafter, do the categorization again whenever you are accessing new apps, browsing new sites, or working on something new. As with other time tracker tools, you will need to re-categorize the session if the category you set in the past is no longer correct according to your new tasks. For example, if accessing FedEx website is no longer considered “Shopping,” but “Product Distribution,” you shall update the categories.

Changing the category is a walk in a park. You can even configure it to apply the category change in that individual session only or in all subsequent sessions.

Rize - change category

Custom Rule Configuration

Save your categorizing time by configuring a custom rule. Specify the text pattern you wish to be detected as the same category.

With this type of saved customization ability, you can quickly categorize all related apps/websites without having to go back to set the category for each unique URL or app name permutation of the same category.

Rize custom rule configuration

Project Tagging

Further segment your work by tagging blocks of times to your projects. For example, if you are working on a project A, you might tag blocks of time as “Project A.” This way, you can see exactly how much time you have spent on Project A and where your office hours have been focused. This is handy when you need to see how much time you need to allocate for multiple projects, making it an indispensable time tracker for work.

Smart Break Detection

Whether you are off the clock or stepping away from your computer screen, Rize detects that break by monitoring your computer’s screen activity. If there are no active windows or screens open, Rize assumes that you are taking a break and will enter your break time automatically. You can also manually add breaks by clicking on the ‘Start Break’ button on the dashboard. Once your break has ended, simply click ‘Stop Break’ to record your current break duration in minutes and seconds.

Rize - Start Break

Rize also has a cool pop-up message to let you know to take a break if you have been working for too long with no break. By default, the threshold is set as 45 minutes, but it is configurable. The pop-up message will not show up when you are in a meeting or when you are performing tasks that are categorized as non-work. It is imperative that you categorize the tasks correctly to get the most out of Rize.

Rize break prompt

It sends you a prompt when you are working for too long. This way, you can make sure that your work is staying within the bounds of what is reasonable and necessary. Overworking leads to burnout and decreased productivity, so it is important to stay away from this situation.


Rize is a simple time tracker app that integrates with the Google Calendar. This means that you can easily keep track of your hours worked, as well as your meeting schedule. If you have set up your meeting schedule in the Google Calendar, Rize logs your meeting hours automatically. This is a great tool if you want to ensure accuracy and transparency when it comes to your work hours.

I hope to see some more integration coming up, especially with automation tools such as KonnectzIT. This way, I can automate some notification tasks. For example, if Rize detects that I’m still working past certain hour, I can configure Rize to send a webhook trigger to KonnectzIT, and then it will trigger necessary notification that I can set up in KonnectzIT.

I also hope that it has an open API that I can set up myself to integrate with any 3rd party tool that I need but not commonly available. That will certainly turbo charge my productivity.

Rize Pricing and Plan

Rize is a productivity tool that is affordable at $9.99 a month, that is, 30 cents a day to gain an insight into your work. It offers a 14-day trial, so you can try it before you commit.

Rize Pricing


Rize provides comprehensive reports that break down the type of activities you spent on by days, weeks, or months. This information can be used to gain a holistic view of how you spent your time and help you identify tasks that disrupt your flow. Rize also offers tips and tricks to help you better manage your time, so you can achieve your goals.

Rize - Weekly report Focus Rating
Focus Report
Rize - Weekly Report Work Hours
Work Hours

Every day and week, Rize sends you the summary of the tracking. Rize aggregates statistics with breakdown of how long you’re spending doing different tasks during the day and week, on average. This information can sometimes be misleading because apps that generate this type of data rely on how well you categorize the tasks in the system. Ergo, the importance of spending some time to set up the category in the beginning.


Will Goto, the cofounder of Rize, explained to me how this time tracking app collects data securely. The data is encrypted in transit to prevent data sniffing. In Rize’s database, the encrypted data is stored at rest. No one can decrypt and read this data except the account holder, that is, yourself. The data stays in Rize database until you decide to delete the account. In which case, the data will be wiped out from the system. This ensures that any personal information remains confidential and protected. Rize takes data security seriously to prevent personal information breach and compromise.

Don’t want Rize to track you when you are using your PC at a certain hour? No problem. You can configure the tracking hours inside the settings. For example, you can choose to have Rize track your time only during daytime hours or during specific weekday or weekend hours. 

Rize working hour configuration

Take Back Control of Your Time

After a few days of using this time tracking software for myself, I discovered that some unimportant tasks are getting more attention than others. Some of the innocuous unimportant tasks are consuming bits of my time. This is especially disconcerting, as some of the important tasks I have been putting off for months are actually taking up less time than these minor distractions.

This insight alone pays for its subscription fee. You can quickly take actions to kill the time-eaters, find out where you can save time, and free up your precious time for the actual work.

Future Roadmap

Rize is a time tracking tool that boasts continuous development. I am excited to see the new features that are currently under development, such as the ability to manually start and stop a non-break session. This way, I will be able to log workout time even though I am stepping out of my PC.


Tracking time is an important part of being productive. The best time tracker app will fit your needs and preferences and help you be more successful. Rize offers a wealth of features that can really help you stay organized and track time at work.

Whether you are students who are busy with school and other activities, or an entrepreneur with a lot of responsibilities outside of work, or an engineer juggling with multiple projects, a good and simple productivity tracker can help you stay on top your work schedule to maintain efficiency.

If you are not using a work time tracker or other types of tracking system, it is time to invest in one.

Raise your time efficiency, get Rize.


Very accurate in-built categorizations
Detailed analysis reporting
Smart break detection
Overwork notification


It is not the core functionality of the app, but I wish there is an integration with automation tools to further enhance the productivity
Top Pick

The Bottom Line

Rize is an accurate, detailed time tracking tool that is affordable with 14-day trial and offers a lot of essential features to help you be more productive.

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