Mendi Review

Jun 7, 2022

The New Way to Meditate

Mendi headband

Mendi brain training

Mendi is a neurofeedback gadget to strengthen your neural pathway. If you can get a live feedback on your focus level, you can train your brain how to focus. Over time, as you get used to controlling your focus through neuroplasticity, it becomes easier for your brain to focus.

Mendi keeps track of your score after every session so that you can quantify your progress.

Mendi vs Muse

Mendi’s connectivity is flawless and fast, which is what I value the most. Muse took a long time to calibrate and connect. With Mendi, you can quickly get into your training, instead of spending your precious time restarting the Bluetooth or waiting for the calibration.

​I stopped using Muse because I found the bird chirping distracting. When the chirping sound appears that signals the successful focus, I will momentarily lose focus because of the sound and possibly the dopamine hit of scoring well. That defeats the purpose of training my focus.

​Is neurofeedback legitimate?

When I first received Mendi, I used the device to measure the focus level of my current meditation practice. I did not use the Mendi game just so I can have an accurate measurement of my baseline without any influence from Mendi’s improvement (if any).

​To have a fair comparison, I do these at the same place and time every day for a week. Afterward, I switch to use Mendi’s game for a week, too. Here’s the result.
Meditation vs Mendi - Said HasyimNotice my brain energy level is inconsistent and stagnant with meditation practice. On the other hand, using Mendi’s game to practice, my brain energy level is higher than before. It also looks like it will improve with continuous practice.

Battery life

The battery life is long lasting. A full charge can last me for at least 2 weeks.

What I dislike

Mendi rewards user who can keep continuous focus by:
▲ producing a sound effect
▲ displaying trailing stars at the anchor
▲ displaying flashing light on the anchor

I like the calming background music but the sound effect breaks my concentration. Fortunately, you can turn off the sound easily by just touching the sound logo on the screen. ​ Also, the visual display of trailing stars and flashing light are distracting for me. It will be good if there will be an option to turn them off.​


Training on Mendi is akin to meditating with a candle. One may argue that a visual movement of the anchor in the game makes it difficult to focus, compared to closed-eye meditation. But that doesn't matter. What matters is there is a clear trajectory of improvement when using Mendi compared to meditation.

Mendi fares better than any other neurofeedback gadgets. It is also the best device to entice your children to train their brains at an early age. I will continue to use this. ​

Remember to wear an anti-blue light glass if you practice it in the evening, to protect your sleep.
Meditate with feedback
Measurable improvement
Visual effect of the game is somehow distracting
The Bottom Line
Mendi is a neurofeedback device that helps to train your brain to focus. It is easy to use, with a long battery life, and provides clear feedback on your progress.
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