Peak Brain Plasticity

Boost brain power with memory hack

Use brain plasticity to sculpt high-performing brain and overcome anxiety and stress.

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What the book is about

Unleash your true potential with proven methods to level up your brain’s power.

Do you notice feeling more forgetful? Are you self-limiting your progress because you believe that your brain is old already? Do you have anxiety that you can’t forget–even after trying every suggestion available?

This life-changing book contains the concept of neuroplasticity made digestible for everyone and more…

  • Strategies to enhance your brain capacity to superlearn and have better memory to start each day with positivity

  • Simple tricks to have fun mastering 62 foreign vocabularies that stick in your memory in as little as a month with less than 20 minutes daily, without paying for the expensive tuition fee

  • The perfect solution to get rid of anxiety forever from the inside and start to enjoy your live again

  • Proven efficient studying methods to save you time and score high for your exam, without rehearsing late at night and sacrificing your sleep

  • Surprising daily routine that increases the risk of getting brain diseases

  • 5 often-overlooked methods to learn anything fast, and watch yourself getting better day by day

  • An easy way to use a world-class memorizing technique to remember shockingly long numbers, including 100 digits of Pi

With the secret ingredient that builds successful people, Peak Brain Plasticity unlocks your brain power that you can use immediately to accelerate self-learning and reach a new height you never thought possible.


What's inside each chapter


Overview of neuroplasticity science, plasticity fluctuation throughout life, and modern life’s influence.


What decrease and increase your neuron count.

Maximize Learning

The science of memory to enhance learning and increase remembering rate.

Rewire an Anxious Brain

Use the science of neuroplasticity to eradicate anxiety from inside out.

Plan to Maximize Brain Growth

Use the knowledge to optimize your brain capability and build your unfair advantage.

Editorial Reviews

What they said

"The author hits upon a nearly universal challenge we all face as we age, namely how to ensure that our brains function at as high a level as possible."

BookLife Prize, 2022 (critics rating 9/10)

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Humbled to receive

Royal Dragonfly Book Award

2nd Place Winner of Best Aging/Senior Living Book

Dec 11, 2021

Royal Dragonfly Book Award

2nd Place Winner of Best Education Book

Dec 11, 2021

PenCraft Book Award

Best Education Book Winner 

Nov 02, 2021

The IAN Book of the Year Award

Best Education/Reference Book Finalist

Nov 14, 2021

B.R.A.G. Medallion

B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree

Jul 22, 2021

National Indie Excellence Award

Best Aging Book Finalist

May 29, 2021


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Take risks and push yourself outside of your comfort zone in order to grow as an individual.

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